What is my Pari Passu size?

Our fit system is first of its kind. To find your Pari Passu shape and size click here to go to our fit finder and take a short quiz.

Where does Pari Passu make its clothing?

All of our clothing is designed and produced in New York City. We use only the highest quality materials and partner with skilled artisans and experts.

Does Pari Passu have retail locations?

Not at this time but we are working on plans for a physical presence in the near future. In the meantime, visit us in our New York studio, where you can see the entire collection. Please email appt@paripassushop.com or call 646.410.2367 to book an appointment.

Will I need to tailor my Pari Passu clothes?

All of our pieces are thoughtfully designed and precisely tailored to achieve as near a perfect fit as possible. Occasionally you may want to make minor adjustments with your tailor on pant hems or blazers, as you would with any bespoke piece.

Where can I find Pari Passu products?

Currently you can find the entire Pari Passu collection exclusively at paripassushop.com.

Do you offer gift cards?

Not at this time.