pah-ree pas-soo
Adverb, Latin
1.  With equal step
2.  Hand in hand
3.  Equal in all respects
We give curvy women access to the kind of fashion that is pari passu with what is offered to their straight size sisters. 
Pari Passu started out of a desire to create something that didn’t exist: beautiful, precisely tailored clothes for modern curvy women with clean, sophisticated style.
Several years ago, I had the privilege of working with Melissa McCarthy on developing, launching, and operating her plus-size collection. During that experience I was exposed to what the fashion industry was offering women size 12 and above: ill-fitting pants, elastic everything and oversized, shapeless silhouettes. (We’ll save the loud prints for another day.) By this time in my life, I’d established my look and what made me feel confident. I’d come to rely on the wardrobe workhorses that reflected my style and personality: the perfect black blazer, trousers that flattered and fit the way I like, the T-shirt owned in multiples and the button-downs I kept in heavy rotation. These were the kinds of pieces that I couldn’t find in my research for Melissa. It wasn't that I was looking in the wrong places but rather that these high quality, trusted essentials simply didn’t exist. Needless to say, my mind was blown.
Pari Passu brings equality to what has been a very one-sided conversation but, we need your voice too. We want to hear from you—what you want and need. Tell us how we’re doing—only you can tell us what will make you happy. And at the end of the day, that’s all we want to do!


Shanna & The Pari Passu Team


We didn’t want to be just another plus size brand, sizing up and down on patterns as if women were built like Russian nesting dolls. Instead we wanted to tackle and solve this fit problem in a way that no one else had either taken the time or had the ability to solve.  We went deep into data of 7,500 3D body scans of women size 12 and above. We then spent nearly a year perfecting three unique body forms based on shape then size  that we use to create our patterns and samples.


We are committed to creating the highest quality product possible. We source only premium fabrics and partner with expert artisans in New York City. We use multiple fit models for each shape and obsess over getting every detail right. We’ve gone to extreme lengths to create pieces that no one in the industry has created before.



We’ve rethought every step of the process to create the wardrobe you want and the shopping experience you deserve. Pants that fit. Shirts that button without popping. Jackets that drape like they were made for you—because they were. No poorly lit dressing rooms or garments arriving on your doorstep, balled up in a polybag. We want you to feel special and considered every step of the way.


Regardless of shape or size, everyone wants clothes that reflect their lifestyle, career, intellect and above all, sense of style. We believe that clothing has the power to make you feel confident, comfortable and like the best version of yourself.  We want the women who wear our clothes to experience that power—because we think you deserve that and more. We also think you deserve a brand exclusively for you. The world doesn’t need another straight size brand, we will never “size down.” We are committed to following the curves.