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Free Shipping and Free Returns on all Orders

The Perfect Fit.

No elastic necessary

Let's Level
The Fashion
Playing Field

Thoughtful designs. Exceptional fabrics. Clothes that fit. That day is here.
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Pari Passu

pah-ree pas-soo
Adverb, Latin
1. With equal step
2. Hand in hand
3. Equal in all respects
Our Story

One Shape
Does Not
Fit All

We design for the unique
details of curvy bodies
Our Fit

We give curvy women access to beautiful well-made clothing—the kind of fashion that is pari passu with what is offered to their straight size sisters.

The Style Edit

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The black pants to replace all others

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The New Terms

Rethinking the Approach

  • But First, Shape

    Our design process considers shape then size to achieve the best fit.

  • Exceptional Materials

    We source the highest quality, natural fabrics from around the world.

  • By Any Stretch

    We use stretch to improve comfort and performance, but not to cheat on fit.

  • Size Exclusive

    We are dedicated to creating a luxury experience for curvy women.

On Set

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