Copy of Our Story

Dedicated to You

Finally, a fashion brand created exclusively for you. A destination for beautiful, well-made pieces that reflect the demands of your life and discerning good taste. Clothes, that until now, have been impossible to find, because they have not existed.

We’ve rethought every step of the process to give you the luxury wardrobe you want and the shopping experience you deserve. Pants that fit. Shirts that button without popping. Jackets that drape like they were made for youbecause they were. And that’s just the start.

Join us—this is going to be fun.

The Pari Passu Team

What's in a name?

Pari passu is a Latin phrase that translates literally to “with an equal step.” It also means “hand in hand,” which is our vision for how we want to build our Brand with you. Our name signifies that we have raised the bar: offering curvy women better options—the kind of options regularly offered to their straight size sisters

Our Design Philosophy

We set out to create something that did not exist: beautiful, precisely tailored wardrobe essentials for the modern women with a clean, sophisticated aesthetic.
Regardless of shape or size, a woman wants clothes that reflect her life, her career, her intellect and above all, her sense of style. We believe that clothing has the power to make you feel confident, comfortable and like the best version of yourself.  We want the women who wear our clothes to experience that power—we think she deserves it.